GSLogic and AMX have been selected as the elite automation system
for the SmartHome display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

Imagine installing Audio/Video, Lighting, Shades, Thermostats, Security, Sprinklers, Pool/Spa... and NOT having to worry about programming!
GSLogic can deliver this with GSL Home. Remove the stress of programming and debugging your projects and start selling more!

Any of the possible 36 Touchpanels, iPads, iPhones or R4 remotes can control any location and ALL the devices in the system. This software was designed to be affordable, and to make installation simple and easy, while still featuring amazing extras other systems can't even begin to offer.

You can select just the features needed for your installation and add additional features at any time. You will be installing a system that is tested
everyday by many home owners. There is no need for classroom training, as the system configuration is implemented with ease. GSLogic also
provides device recommendations and dealer support for system design.

It’s Time to Move to the next generation of not just control, but turnkey and worry-free automation!
Experience the FASTEST control system available! NO training needed. Installs in hours!

Click on the images below to view tutorials for each section/module in the system... more on the way.

GSLogic - tutorials for the Cayanne software
Main Menu - tutorial 101   Audio/Video - Cable/DSS - tutorial 101
GSLogic AMX Automation   GSLogic AMX Automation
Lighting - tutorial 101   Shades - tutorial 101
GSLogic AMX Automation   GSLogic AMX Automation
Climate - tutorial 101   Audio/Video - Autonomic Audio Server - tutorial 101
GSLogic AMX Automation   GSLogic AMX Automation

Audio/Video Details

Supported Switchers: AutoPatch, ADA, Avocation, KeyDigital. SnapAV, Vaux, VideoStorm, WireStorm, and AMX Phast.
36 input sources with input gain control
36 output analog and/or digital zones / displays, receivers or switcher
36 Metreau keypads (1 per audio zone)
Each zone can be password protected to turn ON/OFF
Each zone has its own warm-up and cool-down timers
Tone and 10 band eq control per zone (10 band with dsp)
VideoWall - control up to 5 displays to create a sports wall
Auto start from any selected source
Assignable order of all zone locations (any zone any order)
Assignable order of input sources per ZONE (any input any order)
Assign any input sources per zone (add/remove sources per zone)
Privacy Shield - prevent others from viewing your selected source
Source Lock - prevent others from changing your selected source
Any touchpanel/R4 remote can control or be set to default to any location.
Swap Audio Output: toggle between local display speakers and audio distribution speakers
Icon favorites: user defined channel number and station icons.
User defined Audio Event Timers: Select: audio source, time on/off, days of the week, repeat, bypass.
User defined audio zone presets (select multiple audio locations)
Software linked to security system for all audio and video auto shut-off

Dealers: call 586-677-7500 for more information

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